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Apr 23, 2014

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Feline diabetes in remission!
Update: 6/8/13

-Kitties Need A Home-

Update: 6/8/13
Feline diabetes in remission!

Thanks to the low-carb wet food diet our foster mom has been feeding us, Jibbit is now off insulin! Sunshine isn't far behind, though for right now, she still needs a little bit of "juice". We're so excited to become diet-controlled diabetic kitties! Our new person would just need to keep feeding us low-carb Friskies, and we'll stay "off the juice"!

Meow! We are Jibbit & Sunshine, two very special sugar (diabetic) kitties who are looking for a forever home that's as wonderful as we are! Jibbit, a Manx, thinks he may be 15 years young, and Sunshine, a grey tabby, thinks she could be about 10 years young. We sure don't act our ages, though! Our foster mom thinks we're adorable lovebugs who need a lot more space to run around in than she can provide. We love our foster mom, but we know there's a really great home out there for us somewhere, where we can run and jump and play and get all the love we want!

We have a sad story: Our mom died very suddenly, and the person she trusted to care for us decided instead to leave us at the shelter instead. We're SO glad our foster mom came in to get us - we'd be over the Rainbow Bridge now otherwise! There's nothing at all wrong with us other than that we're just extra sweet! We can't help that! We think our new wet diet of low-carb Friskies is helping a lot to get our sugar under control, and we hope someday we'll both be "off the juice"! We know our foster mom will help our new person to figure out what to do to keep us healthy. We don't need expensive food, just regular ol' Friskies and maybe some Fancy Feast. But no dry food, please - that's what got us into this sugar trouble in the first place! We do still need insulin twice a day, but we're awfully good about taking our shots.

If you think you can give us the GREAT home our foster mom knows we deserve, please email her at matya13@yahoo.com ! You can also give her a call at 757-345-0929, but she really prefers email! She'll cry to send us off, but she'll be SO happy to know we have the home we should have! She can also work with a special diabetic kitty rescue group to transport us wherever in the US we need to go, so you don't need to live near our foster mom to adopt us! We’re located in Williamsburg, Virginia. We might be willing to split up if someone wants just one of us, but that could make us both sad. Jibbit needs a lot of company, so another kitty or a person who can stay home with him most of the time will make him purr! Neither one of us like dogs, so no homes with them, please!
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