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Jun 25, 2022

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Virus Name Date Discovered Virus Type Virus
DAT File
Risk for
Risk for
Cutwail.gen.o 02/01/2010 Trojan Win32 5881 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
DOS-FFIRC 02/01/2010 Trojan JavaScript 5880 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
FakeAlert-LR 01/29/2010 Trojan Win32 5877 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
W32/Zimuse 01/25/2010 Virus Worm 5873 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
W32/Autorun.worm.gj 01/22/2010 Virus Worm 5870 Low Low
Downloader-CDN 01/22/2010 Trojan Downloader 5869 Low Low
W32/Pinkslipbot!pk 01/22/2010 Virus Archive 5869 Low Low
Exploit-PDF.bk 01/21/2010 Trojan Exploit 5868 Low Low
Exploit-QtRMDR 01/16/2010 Vulnerability Vulnerability N/A N/A N/A
Generic PWS.y!brn 01/15/2010 Trojan Password Stealer 5862 Low Low
FakeAlert-PC-Care 01/15/2010 Trojan Win32 5864 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
Exploit-PDF.bh 01/14/2010 Trojan Dropper 5862 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
Roarur 01/14/2010 Malware - 5862 Low Low
Roarur.dll 01/14/2010 Trojan Remote Access 5862 Low Low
Roarur.dr 01/14/2010 Trojan Dropper 5862 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
Muster.e 01/14/2010 Trojan 5861 Low Low
Generic.dx!kxt 01/14/2010 Trojan Adware 5861 Low Low
Exploit-Comele 01/13/2010 Trojan Exploit 5860 Low-Profiled Low-Profiled
Vilsel.gen.f 01/12/2010 Trojan Generic 5859 Low Low
IRC/Flood.gen.h 01/08/2010 Trojan 5855 Low Low
Downloader-CCY 01/07/2010 Trojan Downloader 5854 Low Low
Generic.dx!krf 01/07/2010 Trojan 5854 Low Low
TDSS.a!mem 01/06/2010 Trojan 5853 Low Low
FakeAlert-IS2010.dldr 01/06/2010 Trojan Downloader 5853 Low Low
Generic BackDoor!brv 01/06/2010 Trojan Win32 5853 Low Low
Generic.dx!kis 01/06/2010 Trojan 5853 Low Low
Generic.dx!kef 01/06/2010 Trojan 5853 Low Low
Generic.dx!kle 01/06/2010 Trojan Win32 5853 Low Low
Generic.dx!knf 01/06/2010 Trojan Password Stealer 5866 Low Low
W32/IRCbot.gen.aj 01/05/2010 Trojan Generic 5852 Low Low

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