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Jun 25, 2022

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 Breaking NOW! Congress Passes Housing Bill

 Weekend Events and Tuesday's Fed Meeting
You may have turned on the news and saw a major investment bank, Bear Stearns agree to a government backed buyout. This more was to calm fears of a liquidity crisis. All eyes are on the Fed and their meeting on the 18th to slash rates further.

 More On Stimulus Package: Higher Conforming Limits
A little publicized part of the Stimulus Package involves the secondary mortgage market and the ability to temporarily increase the value of mortgages they purchase. High cost areas will see relief in terms and rates and the idea should filter down to help mainstream America.

 Jan 22- Just In- Fed Action Drops Key Rate 3/4 Point

 Early Tax Filings to be Delayed Due to AMT Patch
Believe it or not, there are about 5 million households that are now jumping into their shoebox of receipts and filling out tax forms eager to get the refunds due them. Thank Congress for this delay in the ability to file early...

 Washington Watch- Fed Action and AMT Relief
Every time the Federal Reserve plays with interest rates, some effects are immediate and some trickle down. What does the recent move mean for you and the economy? Also The House yesterday passed legislation on the Alternative Minimum Tax, a little known, widely misunderstood tax provision that may hurt 20 million taxpayers.

 Nov 26- Congressional Delays push refunds 10 weeks

 House Looking at Tax Relief and Federal Disaster Laws
The House of Representatives have spent the last week and a half working hard for homeowners. They're striving for property tax relief for non-itemizers and federal assistance for homeowners in the event of a catastrophic disaster

 Updated Credit Freeze Info For Your Stated

 Todds NC FL

 todds NC GA

 December Rate Cut by the Fed- What’s in it for you?

 2nd Quarter Home Sales Prices and Stats Just In
Home sale prices are up, down and stagnant. Everyday we get hit with conflicting information about home prices in the area and appreciation rates. OFHEO, a government agency, just released comprehensive data on 300 metro areas and the areas that have the best and worst appreciation rates. Check yours!

 E-Alert Notice and Sending Starting August 29th

 Special Notice for August 14, 2007 E-Alert

 Also New- 4th Quarter Home Sales Prices from NAR
Today, the National Association of Realtors released their data on Single family home sale prices in 200 metro areas. We have also included Condo data for the same area. All data is compared to 2004 and 2005.

 Banks and Realtor Battle Heats Up In Washington
In what portends to be a long drawn out battle, action heated up this week in Washington concerning the rights of banks to get into real estate and possibly sell you your next home. As is always the case there are two sides to tell...

 Congress Offers Parting Gifts To Homeowners
In the last two work days of this Congress, your Representatives gave a lot of homeowners some special breaks for next year. The first is the ability to deduct mortgage insurance premiums if you buy a home next year. In addition they extended state and local sales tax deductibility..

 IRS Finalizes Tax Changes For Next Year
Last week the IRS finalized the changes you should expect going into 2007. Some of the changes involve charitable giving and other deductions. Also you can see what changes were made THIS year that affect you come April 15.

 Invite A Friend Offer

 Just In - Home Sales Stats and Analysis
Sales of previously owned homes in America fell less than expected in August, as prices fell from a year earlier, the National Association of Realtors said yesterday. We have some stats for your region.

 Updates-Issues We've Been Tracking and Reporting
As a member, we promised to keep you up on fast moving trends, tips and issues. Sometimes issues play out over many months so we thought we would get you up to date on ones we saw as very important. These deal with Mortgage Interest Deduction,

 A New Content Section Home Sales Trends

 Last Quarter Home Appreciation Rates Just In
The Government's oversight office dealing with housing, OFHEO, just released analysis of home sales all over the U.S. The rate of increase in prices remained steady in the fourth quarter of 2006.

 Congress Blocking Home Depot and Wal-Mart Entry
A storm is brewing in Washington over large retailers trying to offer financial services that were originally designed for Banks. The issue is over FDIC insurance. The companies say a large part of the marketplace is underserved.

 Ealert Delay One Day -Now Friday AM

 Just In - House Passes Tax Bill - What's In It For You
The House of Representatives just passed a GOP-supported tax bill that extends the reduced tax rates on capital gains and dividends, and prevents millions of Homeowners from falling into the alternative minimum tax for the next 3 years.

 Clubmaster Corner- Dramatic Changes in Your Club
In the next few weeks you will see the results of the feedback we received on how to improve your Club and make it more valuable as a resource for Home Management. We will continue to deliver relevant and timely information services and pocketbook news.

 Today's Ealert Bounces-- Please note!

 Adding A Concierge Program In Your Club

 Existing Home Resale Prices Still Rising
Phoenix Metro area is the new leader. In this just released data, the NAR showed several areas had double-digit home price appreciation in the fourth quarter vs. fourth quarter 2004. Also condo prices were mostly in the double-digit range. Check out Data From Your Area.

 Seasonal Topics of Interest- Yours and Ours!
The Clubmaster Wants To Hear From All Members! As we design new services we would like suggestions from you. Also... Post Holiday Credit Card Blues.. we have an action plan..... 2006 Tax season kicks off here at the Club..

 Bits and Bytes Late December
There is still time to get a few hundred more in tax deductions for your mortgage interest.../... EPA again offers Carbon Monoxide Warning.../...Natural Gas Prices Plunge 23% in just 5 days

 Holiday e-Alert Sending

 Update On Mortgage Interest Deduction Scare
Two weeks ago a bomb shell was dropped on Homeowners when a White House Tax Panel suggested reducing and even eliminating the deductions for mortgage interest on first and second homes as well as Home Equity loans. Since then many groups have weighed in on their views

 Update On Mortgage Interest Deduction Scare
Two weeks ago a bomb shell was dropped on Homeowners when a White House Tax Panel suggested reducing and for som,e eliminating the deductions for mortgage interest on first and second homes as well as Home Equity loans. Since then may groups have weighed in on their views

 Just In- Tax Panel Eyes Cutting Interest Deduction
A Blue Ribbon panel of tax experts yesterday suggested in many ways, that the best way to achieve tax reform is to severely limit and in some cases wipe out the deductibility of mortgage interest for homeowners. Also they targeted other cherished deductions.

 1 Day Delay and New Feature/Input requested

 How Is Howard Hanna Using The Club?

 Howard Hanna Launches Branded Agent Clubs

 Hurricane Katrina- Lessons to Learn Aug 28, 2005
You may be 1000 miles away from the damage in the South but Katrina will effect you. Here are some tips about Insurance Coverage you ned to be aware of:

 Bits and Bytes Early November 2006
Starting today, If you use Internet Explorer 6 you may be in for an "Update" Surprise. This is important to keep your computer running well../.. New round of Home Improvement Clinics offered../..The Clubmaster wants to hear from you with your ideas for 2007....

 Yes, Another Resolution You Should Consider
We advised members late last year that all consumers now have access to a free credit report. It's the best way to detect ID Theft and also a good finance tool. But less than 5% of consumers have done so. C'mon it's free! Also watch out for credit report scam artists.

 Just -In: Data Looks Good!
Hurray for Houses! Just-released report suggests that your investment in homeownership remains a very smart move. Whether you continue to increase your home’s value by remodeling or plan to move up, your Club has guidelines and a cool tool to help keep you on target.

 Keller Williams Chooses My Home As Spotlight Partner

 Keller Wiliams Southwest Region Teams With The Club

 Existing Home Sales Record Continued

 Correction: Link To Marketing Kit

 New Look New Focus
Hi We hope you like the new look of the Club. We are focusing on bringing you, the members, more actionable information and services. (See the Clubmasters Message). Also the latest Product Recalls for this week.

 Median Home Price By Most Expensive
Feb 25

 Ealert Delay for This Week

 Beware The AMT
Starting with this E/alert we will show you tips, trends and issues dealing with year end strategies you should be evaluating now to lessen the impact of taxes payable next April. First Up.. staying away from the Alternative Minimum Tax

 The Last Club Newsletter

 The Club's Advocates Advise Caution
Fall is always a popular time to remodel. But the Club's Home Owner Advocates caution- don’t rush in blindly. Here’s the easiest way to avoid becoming one more unfortunate consumer statistic. Also- the best scam lines!

 Enron, Worldcom and Now Fannie Mae?
In recent weeks you may have heard about this small trillion dollar company called Fannie Mae. Seems they had some internal accounting problems that are yet totally uncovered. But what is this powerful company and why is homeownership so impacted by it?

 Home Value Out of Sync?
So what, you think, if your home’s appraisal is a little bit off? Think again. You could end up with a mortgage bigger than the resale value of your house. But a new rule could help homebuyers avoid that.

 Interest Rate Hikes Got You Down?
But it may not be all bad news. Low interest rates have been responsible for a growing economy and other macro benefits. A rapid rise however can lead to less buying, more supply and pressure on your home price appreciation. Check our resources on this INTERESTing topic

 New Referral Bonus Program- This week only

 Check Your Home Appreciation Index

 One Day Delay In Ealert

 What's New On Home Plate
First take our Cyber Security quiz which you will find on the HomePlate under the main story. As the Holiday buying season kicks into gear, you will be confronted with "extended warranty" issues...but are they wise?

 Renovations? Cost vs Value Data Just Updated
We now start our series on Smart Remodeling. As summer enters, many homeowners are contemplating major renovations. Did you know that while many projects improve appearance and function not all are "investment grade"? See which renovations provide a better payback.

 What's New On Homeplate! Mid November
This week saw action on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In addition.... beware of "Resale Value" when thinking about a new SUV. Lessons are still being learned from the Wildfires. Where is your Home Inventory?

 Ealert Delivery -Monday Am- Last Notice
.......June 12 2007

 Track Elected Officials And Donors
As the list of Presidential candidates increases, the Club "Shows You The Money". Who has it and where it comes from. Also, track how your Representatives voted, sound off to local media and see who gave what in your Zip Code

 Newsletter Deadline - 1 Day Notice - Sept 18

 Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy
Cat owners know that when pets don't want to use their litter box, they’re using some other area of your home instead. The right cat litter can help keep your cat happy and healthy and keep your home odor-free.

 Keep Your Pet Healthy During The Dog Days Of Summer
When the bugs start to get thick, you wouldn’t dream of going outside without mosquito repellent on; and your pets shouldn’t either.

 3 Services No Remodeling Job Should Lack
What ARE the Top 3 Tools For a Successful Remodel? Not a hammer, saw and drill - that's for sure! The best remodeling tools Members can wield never touch wood. They protect your consumer interests. And, the time to use these tools is BEFORE you hire the contractor.

 Whats New On Homeplate Now Sept 19

 Clubmaster Update March 2004

 What's New On Homeplate For March 14th
Please update your zip code and city information as the upcoming newsletter will have more local content such as school and demographic data so we need to know "where you are". Once on your HOMEPLATE click PROFILE at the top.

 What's New ! - On Your Homeplate NOW

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