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Jun 25, 2022

My West Point!

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Greetings to West Point Community, I came upon this site as I was surfing. Great to see some of the photos that reminded me of the four great years I spent with the West Point Pointers (students,staff and parents). Thanks to the entire Community for making me feel welcomed from the Summer of '82 through the Summer of '85. At least once a year I drive through the streets of the town to hopefully surprise some familiar faces. I moved to Charlotte, NC 13 years ago. Derwin Cox Go Pointe
Derwin Cox
Charlotte, Nc
I love this site as I miss the small town atmosphere. If I could avoid 64 I would come home more often. The new bridges are wonderful and the appearance of the streets and street lights through town are attractive. Your schools are still doing a great job as idicated on test scores too. Keep up the great work. I am proud to be a veteran Pointer.
B.major Robbins
Newport News, Va
Raised in Eltham and left the area in '67. My parents worked at Woodson's Marine in Eltham, which used to sit right in middle of 30 & 33. I went to New Kent but spent most of my time in West Point. I remember so well the yummie crab cakes from Ruby Johnson's. All meat and no filler. The old movie house and th ebig deal getting a Leggett's, and the old A&P downtown. And and the Diary Treat next to the hardware store. I miss the country!! 32 yrs now at MCV.
David Dillard
Richmond, Va
My name is Bill Jackson, and I operate a website called www.storyofmyhome.com. My site gathers historical information on specific homes and neighborhoods across the US and Canada as told by the home owners and neighbors. As such, it offers first-person accounts about people that are almost 100% certain to be unique and unavailable in any other forum. I just want to make you aware of my site in case you ever had a need to search for local history, or if you had any suggestions for how to mak
Hi West Point, love your website. My husband and I are moving to your town in the summer of 2008. My husband has a sister who lives there,and have visited often enough to really like the quiet and slow pace of your town. Hope West Point is ready for new neighbors from Florida. Have a great day:)
Vicky Schafer
Sarasota, Florida
This is so cool! I grew up in West Point and have many fond memories...particularly of childhood. My Dad was a plaster and also made and sold the best crabs and crab cakes...still, who remembers those huge crab cakes that Miss Ruby Johnson and Mr. Tommy Johnson sold? Whew...that was the taste of heaven, right? I live in Charlotte now and, since my folks passed away, do not get home much. But I have a little family left and my best friend, Regena is still there. My husband cannot imagine growin
Toni Tupponce
Charlotte, North Carolina
i never knew we had a website! cool!
West Point, Va
I was happy to hear that there was a web-site for West Point. It was nice to look around. I have not lived there in a long time. It's great to see the town getting bigger and better. My fmaily adn I are stationed in Jacksonville Florida but hope one day we can come back for a visit
Wendy "mischelle" Stokes (hadsell)
Jacksonville, Florida
I grew up in West Point and it is nice to visit the web site and think about ten years ago. I now live in Colorado and miss the rivers and water I once knew. Great to see that West Point is doing well.
Robert Coultrip
Pueblo, Colorado
It's nice to see West Point is on the web. I miss the quietness. Hopefully the new bridge will bring greater things to the town.
Winifield Wv
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