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Jun 25, 2022

My West Point!

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Visitor comments
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I am new to the WP area, and find it very nice here. I am from the City and here is Peace and quite, you dont have to worry about some of the crazy things that happen in the city. I recommend anyone to Vac here if you get a chance I am settleling down in a new marriage and I would not change where I live for nothing the people are so friendly I Love it. The homes here are wonderful and make sure you check out the Crab Fest my hubby took me and I tried to eat everything they had I Love WEST POIN
Lavinya White
West Point , Va
Deep roots and fond memories bring me back once in a good while. "Surrounded by the triple rivers,'neath the Southern sky, stands a school above all others ..." So much better than "Here we have Idaho!" I send best wishes, hope to visit again soon!
Hi, Really enjoy your site. I stumbled to this site Looking for the site www.richwooders.com Your site is quite interesting and informative... I got a few friends living in Washington D.C. and we been to West Point a few time.....
Kay Driskell
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Great site. I like it.
Susie Smith

I lived in West Point in the early 50's with my parents Pat and "Junie" Zahn. I have photographs of a Danny Palmer when he was little with my sister and I. Hey Danny, email me, I know you don't know me, we were all too young. Am saying hello to an almost never changing town. I came through a couple years ago and was delighted to see there were two, not one, working traffic lights there. I came through in the early 90's and the one intersection, with flashing light made me realize where I was.
Claire Zahn
Pembroke Pines, Florida
What a great site! A real tribure to West Point!
Newport Beach, Ca
I can't wait to visit.

We are still on the upswing. At least we do have a web site(s). They all require a lot of work at the beginning. We are gratefull that someone had enough vision to get one started. With a more modern road system coming in, we hopefully will see even prettier buildings than you see now on the web site. Our feet are now on the ground and running, so don't complain, just RUN! Lets go someplace together.
People who plan to move here or are looking for a great place to live can now find out what
Arliss Beavers Pastor Cannan Church Of God
West Point Virginia
I came to West Point several times to visit my grandmother. I am over 50 now and was only about 10 then. My son, Taylor Marshall, is going to school at Washington and Lee in Lexington. Therefore, I was just thinking of West Point and wondering what it would be like to come back to visit when I come see my son. My grandmother (Lafon Howerton Marshall Deshazo) was remarried to Payne Deshazo after my grandfather died and I remember staying in their house in town. Biill Mars
William T. Marshall
Little Rock, Arkansas

This is my first time visiting the web-site, but it is nice to know we have one.  I'm from the West Point Class of '97 and have been gone for nerely 4 years.  I don't get to come home as often as I like so this site atleast provides me with some familier photos.  To whomever maintains this site, Hooray for you!  Keep up the good work. 

Matthew J Croswell
Boisser City, La
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